September 2010 – From the Editor

Welcome to the September 2010 issue of the Musings of the Othar.  It’s back to school here, although many of you may still have a few more days of summer left and a long Labor Day weekend to look forward to.

This month’s Feature Article will be examining Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon.  If you like fantasy novels and dragons, then I have little doubt you will like this wonderful book.  More on this can be found in the Feature Article.

The Fayersae Histories continue this month, and we have our final scene with Bran Northmon.  I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at Bran, Findian, Oltcynn and a young Avanian.  Next month will shift into a new set of characters, so stay tuned.  For those who may have missed an episode or two, the previous month’s installments can always be found online in the Full Fayersae Histories Archive.

The Short Review this month will be taking a look at Elizabeth Mock’s Shatter, the first book in her The Children of Man series.  This was a very enjoyable read, and I’m looking forward to the follow-ups as Mock has laid a strong foundation for her series.

I’d like to remind everyone again that the web site for Animus of Hauden, book two in the Harmony of the Othar Saga is up; please visit Animus of Hauden if you haven’t had the chance yet.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that print and eBook versions of Animus of Hauden are available from all the major online retailers.  As always, look for any announcements via my Facebook page or check the web site for periodical updates.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the first in the series, Heart of Hauden, free eBook downloads can be found at Smashwords.

I have listed a book giveaway for Heart of Hauden on Goodreads through Labor Day, so if you haven’t entered yet, you can do so here: Book Giveaway.  If 1000+ entries are received by closing, I will also include a copy of Animus of Hauden.  Good luck!

I reformatted all versions of my e-books this month, tidying up some of the formatting and line feeds between the front matter and chapter headings.  I also added table of content information to the Kindle versions, and corrected a few typos that had been pointed out to me by readers.  This is the one nice thing about e-books; you can make these types of modifications easily by simply uploading new content files.  This is definitely an advantage over print versions.

Anyway, this summarizes another busy month.  I hope you enjoy this month’s installment of the Musing of the Othar.

Yours Truly

P.A. Seasholtz, Editor

P.A. Seasholtz

Creator of the Harmony of the Othar Saga. Visit the site at

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