April 2011 – From the Editor

Welcome to the April 2011 issue of the Musings of the Othar.  This month’s Feature Article will be examining Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.  It seems there is a lot of hype surrounding this book, and for the most part, it is justified.  Well written, controversial and enjoyable aptly describe it, and I will add to the hype and recommend it with enthusiasm.

The Pocket Watch continues this month, and I would again like to remind everyone that you can easily catch up with the series if you have missed an installment or two.  Each chapter is intentionally short, and they are designed for quick easy reading on a PC or a mobile device.

The Fayersae Histories is actually going to be a little late this month as I spent most of my writing time this month working on Tongue of Hauden, Book Three in the Harmony of the Othar Saga.  As usual, each of the previous chapters can be found in the Full Fayersae Histories link at the top of the page, so while this month’s installment is a little delayed, this becomes a good time to catch up if you are a new visitor to the blog.

Clarice Publishing and Othar Saga updates are also available, and I would like to remind everyone that the book trailer is now up on Barnes & Noble here: Othar Saga Trailer.  Please have a look if you have not had the opportunity yet.

Anyway, again I am hoping that my busy schedule allows me to continue the decent progress I have made on book three, Tongue of Hauden, over the last few weeks.

Yours Truly,

P.A. Seasholtz, Editor

P.A. Seasholtz

Creator of the Harmony of the Othar Saga. Visit the site at www.heartofhauden.com.

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