July 2019 – Clarice Publishing

June turned out to be a productive month with the publication of Chameleon Episode 8 – Earth Bound, and the completion of two sections on The Children. The sections for Morvran and Lili have gone through the first round of edits, and I began work on the sixth section focusing on Nicholas, with the goal of finishing the first draft by the end of the month. The long 4th of July break may see it completed sooner, so here is to everyone having a happy 4th!

The next book in the Chameleon series, Episode 9 Uncharted Space, is in production and I expect print and electronic versions to be available by the end of the month. Update: I have approved the proof copy and this will be available in a few days!

Final edits on Episode 10 War are complete, production to follow over the summer. Please visit my Amazon page for complete availability, returning often as titles are released.

P.A. Seasholtz

Creator of the Harmony of the Othar Saga. Visit the site at www.heartofhauden.com.

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