December 2009 – From the Editor

This month’s issue will feature Griffin’s Daughter, the first book in the Griffin’s Daughter Trilogy by Leslie Ann Moore.  However, before we dive into the Feature Article, I’d like to take a minute to talk about how I discovered this trilogy.

I had just finished prepping my novel, Heart of Hauden, for publication on Smashwords, and while working through the myriad of formats for e-Books, a lengthy discussion for another day, it occurred to me that I had never read a book electronically.  I don’t own any of the readers available, so I’d never considered it; however, it did seem a little hypocritical to place my novel into the e-Book universe without having read anything via that format.

As luck would have it, Moore’s three novels “popped” onto the Smashwords front page right above mine – luck from Leslie’s point of view as well since she generated three sales simply based on when her trilogy landed on Smashwords.  This immediately solved my problem of finding something to read electronically in the fantasy or science fiction genre, and it also gave me a chance to view how another author’s works looked in the various e-Book formats.  Of course, I was only able to see how each of the formats looked in the emulators for the PC, but I assume the look and feel was close enough to the actual display on the devices to provide a valid test.

Anyway, suffice it say that I was immediately hooked on e-Books, even though I was using my netbook rather than a more compact and portable reading device.  While I’d always conceptually understood the significance of e-Books in the rapidly changing publishing landscape, and while I suspect I will always have an affinity for paper, the simple economics of paper versus bytes is just too strong to ignore, regardless of your paper versus bytes preference.  In my opinion, if the industry can just settle on a single formatting standard and remove the proprietary nature of the devices, there will be no stopping the transition from paper to bytes.  I also believe authors should welcome this change as the price-point and reach of e-Books should greatly outweigh any concerns of electronic piracy, especially if the profit margins for authors on e-Book sales remain higher than paper, as they are now.

There remained only one thing that lingered in the back of my mind as I read Griffin’s Daughter electronically.  Was I reading it any differently than I would have had it been paper?  I had the nagging feeling that I was, but after thinking about it at some length, I realized it was not due to any fault in Moore’s craft.  Other than my own word documents, the only things I’d ever read electronically prior to Griffin’s Daughter were work related articles, white-papers, etc., and I concluded that this was coloring my ability to shift into pleasure reading from the PC.  Moore will be happy to know that once I overcame this mental block, many of my initial misgivings regarding her work fell away.

So it’s time to move to our Feature Article on Griffin’s Daughter by Leslie Ann Moore.  December’s Musing of the Month column will allow readers to voice their own opinions regarding e-Books and the impact they are having on the publishing industry.

Have a wonderful holiday season as you enjoy the December issue of the Musings of the Othar.

P.A. Seasholtz

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