October 2010 – Harmony of the Othar Saga Update

September again saw very good progress on book three, Tongue of Hauden.   The chapter I completed this month turned out to be the longest I’ve written to date, and it looks like book three is shaping up to be a little longer than the first two books.  The goal of beginning final edits by the end of the year may be turning out to be a little too ambitious as these chapters lengthen, but I don’t think getting book three ready for a mid 2011 release is in jeopardy.  The key is staying focused, although for the most part, the excitement of penning the final climatic chapters has been enough to keep me going strong.  A few more months of steady progress and we’ll be talking about book four in the series before we know it.

P.A. Seasholtz

Creator of the Harmony of the Othar Saga. Visit the site at www.heartofhauden.com.

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