October 2009 – What We’re Reading, Watching, etc.

Just finished reading The Silmarillion again after many years.

Finally got around to seeing the new Harry Potter movie.  Is it just me, or have these lost a little bit of their “wonder”?  This was the first one were I did not read the book prior to seeing the movie. (Yes, I know, how could I NOT have read it yet, and why would I see the movie first – no excuse!)  As I expected, without reading the book, the movie seemed like a disjointed series of clips, with weak ties between them.  I felt like I was watching a slide show rather than a movie, such was the missing context.

I know it can be very hard to condense an entire book under hours, but instead of touching on all the sub-plots, wouldn’t it have been better just to drop some and expand others?

P.A. Seasholtz

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