August 2011 – Harmony of the Othar Saga Update

Progress on book four, Blood of Hauden, is going very well, and I have been able to maintain the pace of about three-thousand words per week that I was achieving while writing the final chapters of book three.  Of course it is way too early to even begin to contemplate a release date, but I will be wrapping up chapter four here in the next couple of days.  It has been pretty easy to move right into Blood of Hauden by continuing the threads from Tongue of Hauden, and in many ways, there really is not a demarcation between any of the books since I see them as simply parts of a whole.  In fact, when I started the Harmony of the Othar Saga, it was really envisioned as one story broken down into eight parts.  This would make for one very long book, although I have often thought a much better reading experience would occur if the story was read without the gaps inherent with publishing each part as a separate book.  Perhaps there will be an e-book version someday that combines the whole story into a single eight part book.

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