August 2011 – Clarice Publishing

Tongue of Hauden, book three in the Harmony of the Othar Saga, has finally made its way through all the distribution channels, and print and e-book versions are now available from your favorite retailer.  The process of getting all the documents formatted and the supporting materials together went pretty well, with the exception of a text wrapping issue with the printed version that I did not catch until the proof copy.  Better than afterwards, I guess, but it delayed the print version availability by about a week.  That is what I get for not reviewing the entire document again after my last typo correction.

It really helped that the process for book three was a repeat of book two, and the learning curve for Adobe’s InDesign was greatly reduced this time around, relying more on my memory than trial and error and research.  Of course it helped that the layouts for the cover and the interior matched book two in style, and it became more of an exercise of plugging in text than anything else.  The e-book versions remain fairly straightforward as well, since the Kindle source is an html document that gets transformed via MobiPocket, and the Smashwords document is an MS Word file.

Over the next few weeks, I will get the materials off to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for their “Inside the Book” features, but other than that, its time to turn my attention to book four, Blood of Hauden.  In the past, the cover art has been one of the first things to take shape, and as I write, I am continually on the look out for that eureka moment when the proper cover images jump out at me.

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