October 2009 – From the Editor

Welcome to the first installment of Musings of the Othar, a new online fantasy and science fiction newsletter.  As we create this newsletter together, let’s keep in mind that our primary goal is to entertain, hopefully in a thought-provoking manner.  Let’s keep our discourse civil, our praise measured and worthy, and our critique respectful and positive.  As in any artistic discussion, many of our opinions will be subjective and not shared by everyone; this divergence of opinion, however, is what will lead to new insights and perspectives to the enrichment of us all.

The initial format of this newsletter will consist of six sections.  The first will be a brief From the Editor outlining the current issue’s theme.  It will be followed by the Feature Article and the latest installment in my serialized Fayersae Histories.  The next three sections will be where you, the reader, present your thoughts and opinions.  The Musings of the Month will be a discussion focused around the feature article.  The next section, Your Musings, will be fiction submitted by you.  The last section, What We’re Reading, Watching, etc., will be an open discussion allowing all of us to “muse” freely.

This month’s Feature Article will explore Tolkien’s, The Silmarillion, a work that many may have found tough to complete much less enjoy.  While I admit it might not be the ideal book to grab for the beach, I will provide a few perspectives for those that may not be Tolkien aficionados that might intrigue, hopefully providing the impetus to give it another try or to pick it up for the first time.  Perhaps my ruminations will inspire those that have not read it to do so, while reminding those that have why it sits in a prominent spot on their bookshelf – we all know which category I fall into I guess.

I am assuming that anyone interested in reading this newsletter will have read Tolkien’s, Lord of the Rings, probably more than once.  If you have not, I consider you fortunate!  Why “fortunate” you ask?  Simple: you have one of the greatest pleasures in life awaiting you!  Stop reading this right now, find a copy of The Lord of the Rings, and embark upon one of the greatest wonders ever penned!

Now, for those of you that have read The Lord of the Rings, let’s delve into our first installment of the Musings of the Othar!

P.A. Seasholtz

Creator of the Harmony of the Othar Saga. Visit the site at www.heartofhauden.com.