August 2010 – Clarice Publishing

This month, accounts were set up with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for their Look Inside and Search Inside the book feature.  This was pretty easy to get started, requiring only an email inquiry asking to be included in the programs.

The file requirements were identical with the exception of how the bookmarks in the PDF files needed to be created, and since they both required the full PDF of the book, I was able to use the same file that I had sent to Lightning Source.  The only difference was that the PDF for Amazon and Barnes & Noble needed the front and back covers inserted into them, along with having the aforementioned bookmarks added.

The instructions from Amazon and Barnes & Noble were clear, and uploading the files was simply of matter of following those instructions.  Each took a few more days to actually appear online, but now Animus of Hauden has the search inside feature attached to it from Amazon and B & N.  I personally have never bought a book on the basis of these features, but it was so easy that it makes little sense not to set it up.

P.A. Seasholtz

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