August 2010 – Harmony of the Othar Saga Update

July saw very good progress on book three, Tongue of Hauden.   I completed a medium length chapter and was able to get well into the next one.  The current chapter I am working on is outlined such that it will become one of the longer chapters in the book, and as I may have mentioned last month, I am becoming cognizant that some of these chapters may be the last ones for certain characters.  As such, I feel I need to make these scenes as memorable as possible so that when the story continues with book four, my readers will have lasting impressions from book three.  This of course is the goal of all the chapters, but it seems to become more important as book three nears completion.

Speaking of completion, while I am not quite ready to announce a date for the release of book three, I do not think the summer of 2011 is out of the question.  The last quarter of book three is outlined and scoped, and if I remain diligent, I hope to have it completed by the end of the year.  That leaves the first part of 2011 to perform final edits and complete the prologue, which I always seem to write last.

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